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Throat Chakra Scented Candles

Throat Chakra Scented Candles

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This Throat Chakra Scented Candle is ideal for balancing your chakra. Crafted with nag champa, soy wax, and toxin- and paraben-free materials, this 9-oz candle provides over 40 hours of burn time and features crystals to inspire your truth and positive affirmations. Wait for the melt pool to spread across the top before removing crystals, crystals may vary for each candle.

Vishuddha (literally, “to purify”) is located near the base of the throat. It is often depicted as a blue downward-facing triangle inside a lotus with 16 purple petals. Vishuddha is associated with the element ether, or “space” (akasha), and with speaking one’s truth. Its energetic function is to help us find authentic self-expression.

******CAUTION! Twine is flammable please remove before lighting and/or slide down towards the bottom of the jar.

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