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Root Chakra Scented Candles

Root Chakra Scented Candles

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Let Root Chakra Scented Candles create a peaceful and calming atmosphere with its patchouli scent. Made of toxin-free, soy wax, the 9 ounce candles boast an impressive 40+ hour burn time. Plus, for added effects, crystals may be revealed as the candle melts and fans out a full pool across the candle. Perfect for grounding and meditation, Root Chakra Candles are sure to bring a sense of zen and relaxation. Crystals in candle may vary.

Muladhara (literally, “root support”) is located at the base of the spine. It is often depicted as a red four-petaled lotus, and it’s connected to the earth element. Muladhara governs what are considered the four primal urges: food, sleep, sex, and self-preservation. Its energetic function is to help us maintain a sense of grounding and inner stability.

******CAUTION! Twine is flammable please remove before lighting and/or slide down towards the bottom of the jar.

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