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Summer's Candles

Crystal Spheres/ Egg Shaped Crystals

Crystal Spheres/ Egg Shaped Crystals

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Crystal Spheres/ Egg Shaped Crystal w/Stands

Welcome! Below, you'll find a variety of crystals in different sizes and weights. My daughter has relocated and has asked me to sell some of her collection. Rest assured, the weights are accurate and any imperfections only add to their uniqueness. All Crystal Spheres and Egg come with a stand. 

  • Agate Sphere- 199g Medium
  • Amazonite Egg- 32g Small
  • Apatite Sphere- 181g - Small
  • Angelite Egg- 276g Medium
  • Blue Adventurine Sphere- 39g Small
  • Blue Chalcedony Sphere- 107g Small
  • Carnelian Sphere- 203g Medium
  • Carnelian Egg- 90g Small
  • Celeste Egg Shaped- 300g Medium
  • Dragon's Blood Jasper Sphere- 196g Medium
  • Flower Agate Sphere- 101g Small
  • Garden Quartz Sphere- 75g Small
  • Green Malachite Sphere- 77g Small
  • Lepidolite Egg Shaped- 63g Small
  • Lepidolite Sphere-  361g Medium
  • Marble Jasper Sphere- 219g Medium
  • Ocean Jasper Sphere- 279g Medium
  • Peach Satin Spar Egg- 161g Medium
  • Red Vein Jasper Sphere- 37g Small
  • Rose Quartz Sphere- 513g Large
  • Sardonyx Sphere- 66g Small
  • Satin Spar Sphere- 168g- Medium
  • Serpentine Egg- 142g- Medium
  • Tigers Eye Sphere- 25g Small
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