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Summer's Candles

Crystal Gushers/Free Forms/ Flames

Crystal Gushers/Free Forms/ Flames

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Discover the beauty and power of our limited supply Crystal Gushers/Free Forms/Flames. Each piece features a unique combination of gushing and flame-like crystals. With a variety of crystals to choose from, enhance your collection with these rare and enchanting pieces. Hurry, supplies won't last long! FYI the pictures do not do these beauties any justice!

  • Agate- 324g Medium
  • Amazonite- 362g Medium 
  • Black Obsidian- 186g- Small
  • Black Onyx- 253g - Small
  • Clear Quartz- 460g- Medium
  • Clear Quartz- 160g- Small
  • Clear Quartz- 132g- Small
  • Fluorite- 117g- Small (Lay Flat Crystal)
  • Green Adventurine- 180g Small
  • Green Jade- 308g- Medium
  • Green Jade- 148g- Small (Lay Flat Crystal)
  • Golden Healer- 87g - Small
  • Labradorite- 273g Medium
  • Labradorite- 497g- Medium
  • Mongolian Jasper- 133g- Small
  • Nephrite Jade- 720g- Large
  • Ocean Jasper- 906g- Very Large
  • Peach Moonstone- 346g- Medium
  • Petrified Wood- 265g- Small
  • Pink Quartz- 136g- Small (Lay Flat Crystal)
  • Rose Quartz- 191g- Small
  • Satin Spar- 175g- Small
  • Selenite- 272g- Medium
  • Tourmaline Quartz- 37g- Small
  • Trolleite- 358g- Medium
  • White Agate- 191g Small
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