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Crystal Geodes/Assorted Shaped Crystals

Crystal Geodes/Assorted Shaped Crystals

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Unleash your inner rockhound with our Crystal Geodes/Assorted Shaped Crystals! These geode crystals come in an assortment of shapes, we have different crystal hearts and pyramids, adding a touch of mystique to any collection. Perfect for rock enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike!

  • Black Obsidian Bat- 42g- Medium
  • Calcite Rough Cut - 179g Medium
  • Carnelian Heart- 130g- Medium
  • Clear Quartz Rough Cut- 107g- Small
  • Dragons Blood Jasper Mushroom- 79g- Small
  • Geode 454g - Large  
  • Green Calcite Pyramid- 98g- Small
  • Green Malachite Frog- 122g- Medium
  • Labradorite Heart-24g- Small
  • Milagro Jasper Butterfly- 45g- Small
  • Moss Agate Heart- 19g- Small
  • Natural Fluorite Rough Cut- 235g- medium
  • Pink Amethyst Geode 132g Medium
  • Pink Amethyst Geode- 217g-- Medium
  • Pink Amethyst Heart- 90g-Small
  • Pyrite Pyramid- 145g- Medium
  • Satin Spar Moon 231g - Large
  • Selenite Heart- 132g- Medium
  • Smokey Quartz Rough Cut- 96g- Small
  • Snowflake Obsidian Butterfly- 22g- Small
  • Spirit Quartz 472g - Large 
  • Tigers Eye Pumpkin- 97g - Small
  • White Howlite Mushroom- 52g- Small
  • Yellow Lace Agate Moon- 116g- Medium
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