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7 piece Chakra Candle Gift Set

7 piece Chakra Candle Gift Set

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Our 7 piece Chakra Candle Gift Set is perfect for yoga, meditation, or relaxation. This paraben and toxin free soy wax set includes 2 free gifts in every box. Each 2 ounce votive has an impressive 15 hour burn time and is topped with a selection of crystals. Let the melt pool go across the top of the candle before removing the crystals to experience true chakra balance.

7 piece Chakra Gift includes:

Throat Chakra: Nag Champa

Crown Chakra: Frankincense & Myrrh

Root Chakra: Patchouli Scented

Third Eye Chakra: Lavender & Chamomile 

Heart Chakra: Jasmine

Solar Plexus: Rosemary & Sage 

Sacral Chakra: Egyptian Amber

*** Crystals in each candle may vary

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