Why buy from us???

I could tell you a million and one things that you've already heard from every other candle company out there, but I don't think you want to hear it all over again. I am just like you reading this, I love candles, I love smelling them, lighting them, I love the peace of mind it brings, the satisfaction of walking into a room that has a candle lit and smelling the awesome aroma. What I don't like, which I am sure you don't like it either, is spending money on a candle and it tunnels, or it loses it's fragrance after an hour or two, or the black soot that comes with some candles. 

You can check out my Instagram or my Twitter Pages, @summerscandles and see for yourself, I test my candles to make sure they burn properly and smell awesome! You can look at some of my reviews on here and see that customers are happy and impressed with the fact that my candles smell like what they say they are etc. I sent a box of candles out to a blogger in Florida for a review and here is the link to her review :


When you light one of my candles, you will be impressed that the candle does smell like what the it says it is. You will be impressed that there will be no tunneling (provided you allow the candle to melt to all sides of the tumbler) , my candles do burn clean, and tumblers are reusable just wash them out with warm water and soap and you have a drinking glass. 

I am truly a simple person, and live a simple life, bigger and more expensive doesn't always mean better. My candles are high quality at a reasonable price, because I feel it shouldn't cost a lot of money for a great candle. With my candles you get a candle that is Strong Scented,  Eco-Friendly, Bio-degradable, Re-Usable, All Natural with NO CHEMICALS, NO HARDENING AGENTS AND NO UV INHIBITORS. All I use is 100% Soy Wax and fragrance oils that are safe for candles and skin use.